Children’s day in Indonesia is celebrated every year on 23rd of July to increase the awareness of people towards the rights, care and education of children. Children are the key of success and development of the country as they would lead their country in different and new technological way. They are adorable and shine same like the precious pearls. Children are the God gifts to their parents by the almighty. They are innocent, admirable, pure and loved by everyone.

Grand Istana Rama Hotel Bali will celebrate that day by organizing social program to SDN 5 Sepang Buleleng Bali (Primary School at Sepang Buleleng Bali). With Theme “Shining Hope, Making Real, Change Happen”, the main focus of this social program is to help children at that school to see possibilities beyond what they experience every day and try to give children the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.

It is never too late to start something good and it is never a bad time to help the needy. To help a child, even in the smallest possible way, can make an enormous difference in their lives.

You can make small contributions towards their books and other such amenities.

So, let us join hands and pledge to take care of the future of Children at SDN 5 Sepang Buleleng Bali.

For more information, please contact : +62361752208 Ext . 6015 (Prapta) or email to