Balinese Hindus always do praying in every single day. One of the big prayers is Tirta Yatra, it is the most important prayer for Balinese. Tirta Yatra or mostly known as holy trip is the activity to increase the quality of spiritual life.

THK Team of Grand Istana Rama Hotel Bali went to Goa Gelap Alam Temple and Uluwatu Temple for Tirta Yatra on Saturday, 12th May 2018. Whereupon, this activity is done once a month.

Grand Istana Rama Hotel Bali did Tirta Yatra as the part to thank you and show a filial to the God. Tirta Yatra is part of religious activity from human directly to the God.

This activity is an annual program and it is expected to give a good impact to every location visited by the THK Team of Grand Istana Rama Hotel Bali.


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