As part of an ongoing effort to respect Bali’s rich cultural heritage, Grand Istana Rama Hotel successfully hosted Pre-Piodalan event on Tuesday, 19th March 2019.


Balinese Script (Aksara Bali) Writing & Balinese Script Reading (Mekidung) Competition.

There were writing and reading competitions in Balinese script for every department in the purpose of present a sacred song to God for Tirta Yatra activity or spiritual journey in the future as well preservation of cultural heritage of Bali.

The aim is to preserve the cultural heritage, especially in relation to literacy, which is a cultural identity of Bali.

Grand Istana Rama Hotel invited Mr. Dr. Drs. Ketut Sumadi, M.Par as one of judges, who expert with Aksara Bali and Mekidung.  During the competition, he also shared the concept of Aksara Bali. Overall, the competition was running smoothly and the 1st winner goes to Accounting Team, while 2nd winner won by Sales & Marketing Team and 3rd winner won by F&B Service Team.


Darma Wacana.

Another essential component was Dharma Wacana, a religious sermon for all staff members at Grand Istana Rama Hotel. This was delivered by Mr. Dr. Drs. Ketut Sumadi, M.Par,  with theme “Merajut Kebersamaan dan Merawat Keharmonisan di Grand Istana Rama Hotel Berbasis Tri Hita Karana”. All staff and All sisters company of Grand Istana Rama Hotel were invited to this occasion.

Dharma Wacana serves to illuminate and inspire followers through Hindu teachings about spirituality. These talks are intended to help people fulfil their religious and community obligations in order to lead a more harmonious life..


 Gebogan Competition.

Grand Istana Rama Hotel also held an inter-department Gebogan Competition at Lobby area. This cultural activity was conducted to promote team work and enhance solidarity between all staff members. Gebogan is a Balinese offering designed to symbolize the triangular shape of the island’s sacred Mount Agung. It consists of many kinds of fruits, cakes, flowers and other ornaments that are arranged in colorful layers on a carved stand. When a collection of elaborately constructed Gebogan are presented as offerings to God Almighty, they are ‘delivered’ to the temple by a parade of women carrying them on top of their heads. Gebogan also serve as a form of decoration at traditional ceremonies such as weddings and rites of passage celebrations.

Gebogan Competition won by F&B Product Team as first place, House Keeping Team as second place and Accounting Team as third place place.


Traditional Balinese Costume Competition.

The new governor of Bali, declared that every Thursday be a Traditional Thursday, on which all Hindus working in government offices should wear traditional Balinese dress. (Custom Traditional Bali Dress Regulation No 79 / 2018). The competition represented by each department of Grand Istana Rama Hotel.

Sales & Marketing Team became the 1st Winner, while FO Team take the second place and F&B Service Team take the third place.


During this religious activities, Grand Istana Rama Hotel invited all in-house guests to experience this unique festival. This event also reinforced the resort’s commitment to Tri Hita Karana, a Balinese Hindu lifestyle philosophy that is all about maintaining a harmonious balance between mankind (Pawongan), the environment (Palemahan) and God Almighty (Parahyangan)..


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