Nyepi, The Silent Day in Bali – Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta Bali

Nyepi is a Balinese “Day of Silence” that is commemorated every sakawarsa (Saka new year) according to the Balinese calendar (in 2016, it falls on March 9). Before the Nyepi day, a series of rituals will be performed, the first ritual is called Melasti where they go to the temples which near to the sea to purify the sacred object of the temples and to obtain the sacred water (tirtha). The second ritual is called The Butha Yajna, where they will parade the ogoh-ogoh (monster-like statues ,made as puppeteers) around the city to attract the negative element and create a balance with God, Mankind and nature, after it has been paraded, the Ogoh-Ogoh will then be burnt to destroy the negative element, this burning ritual is called Ngrupuk.

Observed from 6 a.m. until 6 a.m. the next morning, Nyepi is a day reserved for self reflection, and as such, anything that might interfere with that purpose is restricted. The main restrictions are no lighting fires (and lights must be kept low); no working; no entertainment or pleasure; no traveling; and, for some, no talking or eating at all. The effect of these prohibitions is that Bali’s usually bustling streets and roads are empty, there is little or no noise from TVs and radios, and few signs of activity are seen even inside homes. The only people to be seen outdoors are the Pecalang, traditional security men who patrol the streets to ensure the prohibitions are being followed.

However, if you stay in Grand istana Rama Hotel Kuta Bali, you don’t have to worry as we will still provide foods and beverages and we will also arrange activities in the hotel to keep you busy. This year, Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta Bali held several fun games and several activites. The first fun games is Dart Competition, where the winner get beers or cola. The second fun games is Beer Drinking Competition, the winner get vouchers dinner. The third games is Treasure Hunt, this game is for group where the group must collect coins and the winner get complimentary vouchers for stay at Grand Istana Rama Hotel on their next period. The other activity is coloring for kids, canang decoration where guests made and arrange their own canang, chess and live cooking stand.