Perspective woman with traditional Balinese fashion trends between tradition and globalization Grand Istana Rama Hotel

As of hotel in Bali, Especially located at Kuta Area, Grand Istana Rama Hotel consider to increase the Tourism not only in terms of hotel services, but also give special attention to the culture of Bali especially in terms of traditional dress.

On March 31, 2016, Grand Istana Rama Hotel held an interactive discussion that discussed the perspectives of women to the customary fashion trend Bali between tradition and globalization.

Discussions are summarized intelligently and concisely is held in Sinta Ballroom by presenting cultural experts such as Proff. Darma Putra: Observer Culture – Bali’s Udayana University, Dwi Iskandar Designer and chairman of the Association of Entrepreneurs Ikatan Pengusaha Pernancang Mode Indonesia (IPPMI), I Wayan Swarsa – Bendesa Adat Kuta, Putu Anggreni SH – Attorneys and the central committee of the protection of children and women, Eva Listya – Community Love Bali Kamen, Dr. Anak Agung Ketut Ayu Agung MM – Founder of the Community Learning Center (CLC) and the Institute Courses and Training (PPR) Foundation of the Great beauty, and I ketut Ardana S.H – as Chairman of ASITA Bali.

Summary from the dialogs is, dressing is not just a matter of daily fashion, but addressing women’s struggle for dignity is respected, the dignity and presence in the public space. Trends and way of dress will affect the image of women and on the image of the society and its culture.

In accordance to the condition in Bali, actually there is an  awareness  that the use of clothing should  be adapted to the place and purpose of an event. For the purpose of praying in the temple should be maintained courtesy and not interrupt people who do worship.

To acknowledge this issue, it is necessary to  instill ethics education and awareness about proper Balinese dressing  such as in schools and institutions adat. But There are also proposals to make “awig awig” or rule fashion to Pura.

On the other hand this time to express their wish list to development of custom  Bali dressing with a huge demand but the space is still narrow. So often the term is one of the costumes especially time to Pura.
Space and opportunities such as these are to be opened through the event Jegeg Bungan Desa. In addition, various ceremonies and even everyday activities actually a space that can be maximized to express creativity in designing and mixing and matching traditional clothing Bali. As this has been done by the Komunitas Cinta Kamen Bali.

Creativity can even be synergized to become part of the Balinese culture to be promoted as a tourist attraction, so that encourages the development of Bali’s economy.