Sweet Ice Cream Pancake at Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta Bali

Starting your day in Bali will be perfect if you are experience the sweetest things in here, especially if you spend your time at Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is the famous beach for travelers, where you can enjoy the sunset with some fine dessert.

Where is to find it? Samudera Restaurant – Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta Bali is the answer, where is located exactly in front of Kuta Beach and a few steps from Beachwalk Shopping Center.

Samudera Restaurant offers a lot of dessert that will make your tongue dancing, which one of the popular desserts is Ice Cream Pancake.  Ice Cream Pancake is the perfect dessert which is made by our professional chef.

This scrumptious Ice Cream Pancake is made from wheat flour and chocolate flavor which you can find strawberry and vanilla ice cream inside the pancake. A slice of pancake with ice creams will melting together in your mouth, as well as you can find the wonderful taste of pancake. Ice Cream Pancake is presented with almond around that will make your perfect lunch or dinner.