Tenderloin Steak at Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta Bali

Bali is famous for its nature, which in other words means that it is time to do adventure. You can go hiking up to the mountains or do water sport. Well since you stay in Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta Bali, going across to Kuta Beach and try to do surfing is also as fun. Well, whatever you choose to do, it will consume a lot of energy and you will need to replace it with nutritional food. You can come to Samudera Restaurant to gain back your energy.

You can choose from Asian food to Western food but since you must be exhausted, you will need a heavy meal such as Tenderloin Steak. Here in Samudera Restaurant- Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta Bali, we use local tenderloin meat and you can choose your steak preference, whether it is well done, medium or rare. It is accompanied by vegetables or salad and choices of french fries, jacket potato, mashed potato, or french fries. Doesn’t it sound mouth watering to you? It is not only delicious, it is also rich in protein and carbohydrates to gain back the energy that you have lost.

You can enjoy this delicious meal while watching the beautiful sunset of Kuta Beach. And after you are done with your dinner, you can continue your evening by drinking at 69 Tequila Bar.