Tirta Yatra – Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta Bali

Tirtayatra is a sacred journey to get or obtain pure water. Tirta yatra in Bali know as tangkil or prayer to temples. In line with the progress and the growing prosperity of the holy sites are visited more extensive.

According to Mr. I Ketut Darmayasa as Chairman of Tri Hita Karana Program at Grand Istana Rama Hotel, with tirta yatra actually makes the three aspects of the harmony of life in the world (Tri Hita Karana).Tirta yatra this time conducted as a series piodalan in Grand Istana Rama Hotel which falls on March 23, 2016. It is expected that with the implementation of Tirta Yatra, Management and Staff Grand Istana Rama Hotel is on protection, safety, fortune and prosperity from thou.

Grand Istana Rama Hotel regularly held with the staff. Tirta yatra this time held on Saturday, March 12, 2016 with the purpose of praying to the 12 temples. The first prayers began at the Grand Istana Rama Hotel, and at 06.00 am the trip begins to Pura Rambut Siwi with long travel four hours. Then the journey continues to Pura Segara Rupek and then immediately headed for the port to cross to the Menjangan Island.

Arriving on the Menjangan island, first pray  in Taman Beji Temple. Taman Beji temple used to melukat or purifying body before praying on temple. Taman Beji Temple in Menjangan Island has a unique where the holy water (Tirta it tasted salty).

The second worship did in the Great Brahma Pesraman Ireng / Ratu Patih Lingsir Kebo Iwa. Here prayers did as usual, the difference here is not given Bija or rice as usual for prayer, but in the form of black ash that applied to the forehead.

The third was praying in the Great Pagoda Dewi Kwan Im / Goddess of Prosperity. In this place for prayer is not using the equipment  praying as usual but by of incense whose numbers 1,3,5 in odd number.

The fourth prayers held in the Hall of Ida Batara Dalem Lingsir Gajah Mada / Hyang Wisnu Murti. Inside the shrine or temple building there is a statue that describes Supreme Gajah Mada, tied by material red and white on the head, umbrellas and there are also red and white cloth inside the shrine. Prayer here given each one tridatu thread (thread of red black and white) color emblem Tri Murti.

The fifth worship was held in the Sang Hyang Pasupati Shiva temple, this Balinese architecture temple  very dominant with white color. Here prayers did as usual.

Furthermore sixth worship did in Ida Batara Lingsir Waturenggong temple. Praying here is done as usual, but the difference here is we were given yellow Bija or rice.

Seventh prayers performed in Sang Hyang Ganesha temple. Here prayers have been done differently, prayers are extended in the form of offerings in front of the statue, and turn back to prayer. Worship only with incense, after it should proceed to kissing the feet of Ganesha.